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Public Enemies #1 & #2: Public Restrooms

Would it surprise you to learn that most Americans use public restrooms more than three times a day? At work, at school or just out-and-about, a good portion of our time is spent away from our home bathroom.

When we're not at home we're subjected to restrooms maintained by others. We lose control over the quality of toilet paper and our ability to maintain cleanliness after going.

With new SitFresh™ you take back control, turning even the scratchiest toilet paper into a soothing cleansing wipe that removes residue and reduces odor.

Unlike packaged moist wipes, SitFresh™ is applied to existing toilet paper or plain tissues. One small travel packet provides enough lotion for six or seven wipes - enough for particularly messy events. This means greater economy, less chance of clogging toilets and a lesser impact on the environment. And, unlike moist wipes, SitFresh™ is specifically formulated to sooth, protect and cleanse the perianal and vaginal area.

Let's not forget Home Use.

The bathroom-sized bottle of SitFresh™ sitting near your toilet means that you and your entire family can enjoy the soothing and cleansing effects of SitFresh™ every time you go.

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