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Letters from Users
"It's great to use SitFresh in the morning after you go #2. You feel clean and refreshed and don't even need another shower. As good as a cup of coffee to start, you also want to be clean in your rectal area, so you can have a happy and productive day!"
- Dave W., Port Washington, NY

"I ordered the SitFresh Travel Packets from Drugstore.com and have brought them with me everywhere I go! The box comes with 20 packets and a cute case to hold them in so they don’t get lost in my bag. How thoughtful! I’ll definitely be ordering more."
- Cynthia F., Queens, NY

"I’ve had an embarrassing problem with IBS for most of my adult life, and it doesn’t make running my business easy. After my doctor gave me a sample packet of SitFresh, I went straight home and ordered more online! The sleek and discreet design of the bottle makes it easy to have in the bathroom at the office and in my home."
- Greg W., Hoboken, NJ

"This product is great and doesn’t break the bank."
- Liz, West New York, NJ

"I have to travel a lot for work, so public restrooms are a daily challenge for me. The toilet paper is really rough and they’re never clean. I dread using them, but if you gotta go, you gotta go! After my friend gifted me with SitFresh Travel Packets recommended by her physician, I leave public restrooms feeling clean and refreshed! Travelling has never been so refreshing."
- Allyson H., Mahwah, NJ

"As a 93 year old woman I find the application of SitFresh soothing and the daily use a simple and comfortable solution to "bottom" wiping when I go to the bathroom. "
- Jeanette, Ryebrook, NY

"My daily routine starts off with an hour at the gym. Even after I shower at the gym before work, I never felt completely clean. Using SitFresh has definitely helped me feeling fresh and clean down there throughout the day, even after an intense workout. I keep a Personal Size pump bottle in my gym bag."
- Robert K., New York, NY

"The best invention since toilet paper itself! Not only is the product easy and pleasant to use, but the bottles look pretty too!"
- Paul, Boston, MA

"I’ve had problems with hemorrhoids for a long time, but always dreaded using topical ointments and treatments recommended by my physician because they felt really greasy and smelled medicated. I found SitFresh at my local pharmacy and read that it was fragrance free. Wow! I can’t believe the difference. SitFresh is so much more soothing, it feels like body lotion for my bottom! I keep a Bath size bottle on my bathroom counter and a Personal size bottle in my purse!"
- Barbara, New Rochelle, NY
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