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Why SitFresh™ Is For You

Welcome to a new age of freshness and comfort. Welcome to new SitFresh™ Hygienic cleansing lotion.

SitFresh™ transforms ordinary toilet paper into a cleansing, soothing wipe. It's dual action completely cleans away residue and odor left behind by dry toilet paper while applying a layer of deep moisturizing agents that help protect against itching, irritation and tenderness caused by many factors. Here are ten common ones:

  • aggressive wiping
  • rough toilet paper or packaged wipes
  • hemorrhoids
  • chafing
  • medical procedures
  • sports activities
  • menstruation
  • mild incontinence
  • childbirth
  • mild rashes
Dermatologist-tested SitFresh™ is fragrance-free and safe for everyday use. It comes in convenient sizes and packaging for home, travel and for use in public restrooms or locker rooms or any location where you need to clean and freshen without the use of water.

SitFresh™ offers several advantages over prepackaged wipes. As opposed to using one sheet per wipe, a single travel packet of SitFresh™ contains sufficient lotion for six or seven wipes, enough to get the job done. This means less to carry around, less of an impact on the environment and no strain to septic systems.

Additionally, prepackaged wipes often leave you feeling wet, can dry out in the package, may contain witch hazel, alcohol and fragrances that can sting and cause irritation to delicate skin.

And, absolutely no wipe on the market today can beat the soothing power of new SitFresh.™

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