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The SitFresh™ Story

"When you find a great product try to make it better." - Stephen Wolff, CEO, Sitcare Consumer Health, LLC.

How often do you find a product that surprises you with its effectiveness and usefulness? Most times, we're content when an item delivers marginal results. However, every now and then you discover a product that rises above the fray.

One day, Stephen Wolff, a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry and an industrial designer, approached his doctor seeking relief from irritation in a sensitive area. The doctor recommended an over-the-counter lotion that, for the past several years has been hiding in plain sight on pharmacies' shelves. The product's instructions guided him to apply a small amount to dry toilet paper before wiping - a radical departure from a skill-set learned in early childhood. Not only did the irritation subside, the new experience left Steve with a wonderful feeling of being fresher, cleaner and moisturized. He realized that our daily routine leads us to mistreat the most sensitive area of our body - an area for many adults, where superior hygiene should be a priority.

While not exactly an "ah hah!" moment, (more like an "ah-h-h-h!" moment.) Steve's former irritation led him to a new feeling of freshness and comfort too good to remain a secret.

A careful analysis of the product illuminated a few areas where the formula could be improved upon. Steve worked with chemists to develop a richer lotion with more body and a texture that was less greasy. He added Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E to enhance the moisturizing and soothing properties. He removed the medicinal odor and rendered the formula fragrance-free - and, through dermatologic testing, hypo-allergenic. He, then, set out to package the product in a hygienic pump that allows easier, more thorough dispensing right to the bottom of the bottle and a convenient travel packet that contains enough lotion to get the job done thoroughly. Now you can understand Steve's motivation to bring this gift to the rest of the world.

The end result: SitFresh™! A wonderful product and a wonderful mantra to live by: Be Clean, Be Fresh, Be Comfortable.™ Use Every Time You Go...™

Everyone who tries SitFresh™ finds their own personal reason to love the product. We'd like to hear what you have to say. Tell us your story. If we accept your story for inclusion on our website we will send you a free personal-size pump in return.

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