SITFRESH® - Toilet Paper's Perfect Partner®
Letters from Doctors
"I became acquainted with SitFresh when I gave it to my patients prepping for their colonoscopies. Considering that they were using it under "severe" conditions, they gave it rave reviews, so I began to recommend it for anyone with hemorrhoid problems. Now I suggest that anyone with any "bottom" irritations use SitFresh on a regular basis ... and the feedback has been unanimously positive."

- Malcolm S. Schoen, MD, Gastroenterologist, Harrison, NY

"After receiving physician samples from the company, I distributed SitFresh moisturizing, cleansing lotion to several of my patients and found a strong, positive result after applying to toilet paper. I am now recommending SitFresh to all of my patients for pre-existing conditions including hemorrhoids, fissures, IBS, skin irritation from Crohn’s Disease as well as to be used daily to prevent irritation and damage from dry toilet paper and wipes. Patient response has been very positive. It’s a great product!"

- Louis May, MD, Gastroenterologist, New City, NY
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