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Letters from Users
"I first learned about cleansing lotions from my GI doc who recommended I use this product. I discovered SitFresh sharing shelf space with Balneol, the product that my doctor mentioned. I purchased both products and discovered that I preferred SitFresh over Balneol. Not only is SitFresh priced more reasonably, but it’s also superior. First and foremost, this product is amazing for cleansing the delicate parts of our body that can really be irritated even by the softest toilet paper. Ever since I've used this product, I've had no discomfort and irritation. Flushable wipes, which I had used previously, don't come close to this product; they are far more irritating and don't work nearly as well. SitFresh is unscented which I really like, and the pump dispenser works great and allows for easy and hygienic distribution of the product. In a word, I could not go even one day without this lifesaving product!! I also convinced my husband, who had been using flushable wipes, to switch to SitFresh, and now he uses it daily as well. Finally, when my local store was out of the product for an extended period of time, I contacted customer service and they were extremely responsive and helpful. Customer service was able to let me know exactly when I'd find the product back on the shelf, and alerted me to the fact that I could also buy the product directly from Amazon.
- Risa A., Amazon Purchaser

"I had a small fissure that was driving me crazy and the fact that I am an aggressive wiper made it worse. I went to many doctors and one was even ready to operate. So I went for another opinion to another doctor who told me that about 3 years ago a new product called SitFresh came to the market and it can help me. And sure enough it saved my life and I use it religiously every time I go. I have tried over the years wiping with water and using all sorts of products like Preparation H and Calmol 4 and SIT FRESH IS THE BEST. Before I started using sit fresh I would worry and really needed a hot bath or shower after I went to the bathroom, not a very practical situation."
- Benjamin L., Brooklyn, NY

"It's great to use SitFresh in the morning after you go #2. You feel clean and refreshed and don't even need another shower. As good as a cup of coffee to start, you also want to be clean in your rectal area, so you can have a happy and productive day!"
- Dave W., Port Washington, NY

"I ordered the SitFresh Travel Packets from and have brought them with me everywhere I go! The box comes with 20 packets and a cute case to hold them in so they don’t get lost in my bag. How thoughtful! I’ll definitely be ordering more."
- Cynthia F., Queens, NY

"I’ve had an embarrassing problem with IBS for most of my adult life, and it doesn’t make running my business easy. After my doctor gave me a sample packet of SitFresh, I went straight home and ordered more online! The sleek and discreet design of the bottle makes it easy to have in the bathroom at the office and in my home."
- Greg W., Hoboken, NJ

"This product is great and doesn’t break the bank."
- Liz, West New York, NJ

"I have to travel a lot for work, so public restrooms are a daily challenge for me. The toilet paper is really rough and they’re never clean. I dread using them, but if you gotta go, you gotta go! After my friend gifted me with SitFresh Travel Packets recommended by her physician, I leave public restrooms feeling clean and refreshed! Travelling has never been so refreshing."
- Allyson H., Mahwah, NJ

"As a 93 year old woman I find the application of SitFresh soothing and the daily use a simple and comfortable solution to "bottom" wiping when I go to the bathroom. "
- Jeanette, Ryebrook, NY

"My daily routine starts off with an hour at the gym. Even after I shower at the gym before work, I never felt completely clean. Using SitFresh has definitely helped me feeling fresh and clean down there throughout the day, even after an intense workout. I keep a Personal Size pump bottle in my gym bag."
- Robert K., New York, NY

"The best invention since toilet paper itself! Not only is the product easy and pleasant to use, but the bottles look pretty too!"
- Paul, Boston, MA

"I’ve had problems with hemorrhoids for a long time, but always dreaded using topical ointments and treatments recommended by my physician because they felt really greasy and smelled medicated. I found SitFresh at my local pharmacy and read that it was fragrance free. Wow! I can’t believe the difference. SitFresh is so much more soothing, it feels like body lotion for my bottom! I keep a Bath size bottle on my bathroom counter and a Personal size bottle in my purse!"
- Barbara, New Rochelle, NY
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